Strange but True (most of the Time): Architecture Between Research and Fiction

I will be speaking the California College of the Arts in San Francisco tonight, October 21, 2013 at 7pm. My lecture will address the Yerba Buena show "Dissident Futures," for which I wrote a catalog essay as well as the topic of research and (fictional and non-fictional) speculation in architecture, ending with a presentation of work by AUDC and the Netlab. If you are in the area, I hope to see you there. 

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Networks at the Penn Humanities Forum

I am delighted to be speaking at the Penn Humanities Forum's symposium, "Space, Hierarchy, and Power in Humanistic Research" tomorrow, February 22, 2013. I will be talking about networks and power, in light of the day's theme of cores and peripheries and my own position at Columbia. Both of my talks will revolve around the question of how power is distributed and naturalized through networks. It's a real honor to be back at Penn and to be asked to participate in the Graduate Humanities Forum and I am very much looking forward to it. 

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Irish Architecture Now


I will be the responder at the New York instance of Irish Architecture Now, tomorrow, September 26, 6.30pm at Cooper Union in New York City. Tickets are $15 for non-members (of the Architectural League).
Architects from six leading contemporary Irish practices will showcase their work and discuss issues concerning architecture at leading U.S. architectural schools and institutions this Autumn as part of Irish Architecture Now – Ireland's first architectural showcase in the US which is part of Imagine Ireland, Culture Ireland's year of Irish arts in America in 2011.
Curated by Raymund Ryan from the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh the event is produced by the Irish Architecture Foundation, Dublin and will also be supported in the U.S. by Enterprise Ireland.
Bucholz McEvoy Architects, Shih Fu Peng of Heneghan Peng Architects and Niall McCullough of McCullough Mulvin Architects will visit the East Coast of the U.S. in September where they will speak at The Cooper Union, New York, Harvard University Graduate School of Design and at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh.
The event is presented by the Architectural League of New York and co-sponsored by The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture.

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Talks in Vilnius and Kaunas

At 6pm on the 19th, I will be speaking in Vilnius, Lithuania as part of a series of talks organized by ARCHITEKTŪROS [pokalbių] FONDAS on the topic of recent developments in education. At 11am on the 20th at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas I will be speaking on the topic of “Network Culture and Space.” I’m sure I’ll also be found in places like the SMC Cafe, which is pretty much my favorite cafe anywhere and I very much hope to see all of my Lithuanian friends on the trip.

I am grateful to both the United States Embassy in Vilnius and KG Constructions for making this possible.

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Only Appearances

After a lengthy hiatus, I have updated my "appearances" page. I hope to be a little better about keeping up with myself in the future and maybe I can even up my pace of blogging a bit. Communicating with my online readership over the last eleven years has always been one of the great delights of my career.

When I don't do it, it's generally because I'm too battered by all my other committments, a state I'd really rather not be in, at least not most of the time.    

I've managed five posts in a week now and I'll try to keep them coming. 

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This Week’s Appearances

 I am delighted to be speaking at two special venues this week. First, I will be delivering a talk in Ed Keller’s "Design and Existential Risk" lecture series at Parsons, the New School for Design on Thursday, November 18, at 6.00pm. The talk is currently shaping up into a discussion of infrastructure, financialization, complexity, and strategies of design and anti-design. Second, I will be speaking in the New Museum in the Hot Type/Fresh Ink panel at 3pm on Saturday, November 20. The occasion, of course, is the New City Reader, a project that Joseph Grima and I are undertaking as part of the Last Newspaper show.


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10-10-10 IMAGE.ARCHITECTURE.NOW in Los Angeles

I will be moderating one of the panels at 10-10-10 IMAGE.ARCHITECTURE.NOW, at Woodbury University tomorrow, 9 October in Burbank. My panelists consist of Livia Corona, Frank Escher, Sharon Johnston, and Sze Tsung Leung. Neil Denari moderates the next panel which will include Iwan Baan, Miwon Kwon, Sylvia Lavin, and Linda Taalmann. The whole thing is moderated by Frances Anderton and a fabulous show accompanies.

See more here.  



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Fall Appearances

I have a very full schedule this fall, with six talks, five of which are outside of the New York area. It’s a great privilege to be invited to participate in so many incredible venues and I hope this gives me a chance to see old friends and make new ones in the various locations I will be visiting. 

24 September, Lūžio taškas (Breaking Point), Palanga, Lithuania

09 October, Image.Architecture.Now, Julius Shulman Institute, Woodbury University, Los Angeles

12 October, Once Upon a Place, 1st International Conference on Architecture and Fiction, Lisbon, Portugal

14 October, Who Owns Images, panel discussion with Geeta Dayal, Thomas Demand, and Sam Thorne, Frieze Talks 2010, London, England

07 November, Datacity, Amber Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

18 November, Design and Existential Risk, Parsons The New School for Design, New York, NY

Last but not least, the New City Reader, a collaboration with Joseph Grima and many amazing individuals and networks in the form of a print newspaper starts October 5 at the New Museum. This is a sneak preview. More soon.

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