Quartzsite, Revisited

No posts yesterday since AUDC was in Quartzsite, taking photographs and doing research for publications soon to appear in ACTAR’s upcoming book on the desert, the next issue of Cabinet Magazine, and AUDC’s first book (also with ACTAR and due out later this year), the Stimulus Progression. Quartzsite, of course, is the town of 5,000 in the summer that swells to up to 1.5 million in the winter due to an influx of snowbirds.

More on Quartzsite at the AUDC site.

Some preliminary images from our helicopter ride:

aerial of Quartzsite

aerial of Quartzsite

aerial of Quartzsite

aerial of Quartzsite
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Faking it In Italy

The Italian Government Tourist Board warns would-be tourists to Italy NOT to purchase fakes while there. At the same time, we all know that archaeological treasures and antiquities can’t leave Italy or trouble follows.

So what if you buy a forged antiquity? Do you get to keep it as long as you pay the fines?

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