Robert Sumrell Muzak Thesis

These pages document Robert Sumrell's thesis at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (best thesis award, spring 2001). This is an academic thesis. All images are used for academic purposes only, are not intended for commercial use, and are not for reproduction in any form.


thesis proposal


Thesis Proposal for Gary Paige's Thesis Research Section: The Stimulus Progression, Architecture as a Management Tool and an Emotion Engine, May 2001

visual argument

Visual Argument: The Technology of Affect, October 2001

final proposal

Final Thesis Document, Spring 2001

After the thesis was complete, Robert and I established AUDC and reworked the Muzak project, removing the architectural proposal for Muzak to instead focus on how Muzak influenced architecture.

In fall of 2004, we installed Muzak at the Art Center College of Design's Gardenlab Experiment exhibit. The exhibit is documented online at AUDC's site. Our research on Muzak was published in Verb 4: Conditioning, published by ACTAR and also in Blue Monday.