i’m a big sister, and i’m a girl, and i’m a princess, and this is my horse

On evenings like this one I feel like I'm the most uninformed person on the planet. Well, maybe not quite the last one…

I was wondering what one of my favorite bands, Underworld, was up to. It had been an awfully long time since they'd produced an album, which isn't necessarily something unusual for the group, which has a lot of side interests, such as the graphic design group Tomato, but still it seemed like a long time had passed. Soon enough, I discovered the Riverrun project of which the title of this post is only one track. Underworld, it turns out, have released three album length tracks on their site Underworldlive. Accompanying each piece is an image gallery and, even, in some cases, a video for your video iPod. Classic Underworld, darker, moodier and less danceable.

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