Acquia Launches

I’m buried in getting the last of my three books out the door today. Murphy’s Law always wins. I submitted our material to the publisher over a year ago and thought this book would be in print by Christmas of last year. Now its a rush to get it in print by Christmas of this year. It’s going to happen, but it’s going to be a tough few days getting it done.

In the meantime, I was delighted that Drupal, the software that powers this site is now available in a commercially-supported package at Acquia. Run by Dries Buytaert, the founder and benevolent dictator of Drupal, Acquia offers the core package as well as a stabilized set of key community-provided extensions. Installers seeking support can pay for it instead of hoping and praying that other people will do so at the Drupal forums (an increasingly unlikely event, as more and more new users descend on the forums and as developers get fed up with questions they’ve heard before). I’m planning to move all of my sites to Acquia (or at least the next version of Drupal) as soon as I get done with this last book and get back from teaching in Ireland next week.

Drupal’s been great software for me, running since 2006 as well as,,,, and (maybe I’m leaving something out?) Great news for Dries and for Drupal. I wish them the greatest success.

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