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  1. misinterpretation
    Hello! I’m so glad to have met you finally & had a lovely time on Friday. The website is looking great! I went to the other blog and will write to him soon I think…

    So, I misread the caption of this post. It’s “cloudalicio.us graphs tag clouds over time”… but instead I read it as “cloudalicio.us graphs tag clouds over time.” Like – there is some fancy widget for tagging clouds in the sky, and I spent a couple minutes trying to figure out how to read the graph. Then I looked at the side bar and realized, oh, tag clouds must be an internet thing I don’t know about. Oopsie, but maybe it would be a good idea to tag random clouds. In the sky. Right? Getting to work on that right now!


  2. Cloudalicio.us graph is poor
    Due to the overlap in all the data lines I find this graph, in current form, is poor and pretty useless. It is also difficult to tell the difference between certain similar colors, say for example the light blues. And the number of different lines is overwhelming in this graph.

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