Briefly Noted: Reading and Assorted Links

I was quite busy last week thoroughly rebuilding the network for my studio and home so I didn’t get a chance to post links then. Subsequently, it’s been my kids’ spring break so we have been traveling to various destinations around us to go hiking. Here goes.

Stalin statue site reveals chilling remains of Prague labour camp

“Time’s up” for Communism. Left academia can’t keep pretending it’s ok, that it was somehow perverted by capitalism. If that’s the case, then why is it not equally ok to envision a new, just capitalism? Communism did very bad things and was akin only to Nazism in the evil perpetrated.

The Fish Wars are Coming

The Angry Planet (formerly War College) duo interview Kate Higgins-Bloom, the Strategic Foresight Director for the U.S. Coast Guard, on the future of our planet’s fisheries and the disputes they are causing between countries.

650,000 Colleagues Have Lost Their Jobs

The Tyrant made a big stink about 50,000 coal miners (who largely still have their jobs), but 650,000 jobs have been eliminated in American universities over the past year. But are academics up in arms about this? Of course not, it might endanger their jobs! Precarity is an effective tool to ensure that academics remain only performative Leftists and academics are only happy to oblige. 

Cat 6 Amazing Dressing and Termination

Since I was rebuilding my network, I spent a lot of the last two weeks looking at YouTube videos on cable dressing and such. I found this one most aesthetically pleasing. 

California Has A New Idea For Homes At Risk From Rising Seas: Buy, Rent, Retreat

Expensive homes by the ocean are a huge insurance risk as climate change worsens. Ordering them vacated and even eminent domain is implausible and the moral hazard of inaction will cause a financial meltdown. This article proposes another way. 

She was demoted, doubted and rejected. Now, her work is the basis of the Covid-19 vaccine

Sadly, this is such a typical example of academia. Research doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is how well you play the game. Katalin Kariko should win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.