A House for Pink Floyd

I am on the jury for "A House for Pink Floyd," along with frequent NYC co-conspirators Carla Leitao and Edward Keller together with Dan Coma, Dan Mellamphy, Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, David Gersten, Eric Ellingsen, Ezio Blasetti, Orhan Ayyuce, Juan Azulay, Kenneth Cameron, and Leopold Lambert. The competition is sponsored by ICARCH (International Competitions in Architecture), in partnership with Atelierul de Proiectare (AdeP – Design Studio) Magazine.

I'm looking forward to seeing the entries. On a historical note, I had been hoping that I could find that Pink Floyd playing at Rome's Piper Club directly influenced the idea of Superarchitecture as developed by Andrea Branzi of Archizoom since he mentions the Piper Club, but it turns out that the Floyd's concerts at the Piper Club came two years after the 1966 Superarchitecture show. One day, perhaps someone will do a definitive history of rock and architecture and elucidate all this for us.

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Netlab Wins Build a Better Burb Competition

The Network Architecture Lab, in collaboration with Will Prince of Park tied for first in the Build a Better Burb competition. Thanks to everyone who helped: Will, Leigha Dennis (the Netlab project lead), Momo Araki, Alexis Burson, and Kyle Hovenkotter.

More here at the Netlab site, including links to the project.


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