Trading Sites. Destroyed, Revealed, Restored

We’re in the midst of the big move across the country so postings will be sparse, but this morning, I received an email from Daniel Beunza, who is a sociologist teaching at the Columbia Business School. A little research led to Trading Sites. Destroyed, Revealed, Restored, an insightful paper that he and David Stark of the Russell Sage Foundation , Columbia, and the Santa Fe Institute co-wrote on how one firm in Lower Manhattan reconfigured itself in New Jersey after 9/11. A must read for anyone interested in place, architecture, and network culture.
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the rise of the toy hauler

I’ve long predicted that RVs would become popular with the young. Finally it appears that I’m right. Today’s LA Times addresses the growth of RVs among members of Generation X. But Gen X isn’t merely adopting the Baby Boomers’ old wheels. Instead, they’re turning to toy haulers that can not only serve as mobile homes but also as mobile garages.
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