virtual world of seven million

The New York Times ran a story yesterday on the global success of World of Warcraft, a massively multiplayer online role playing game with some seven million players. It seems unlikely that this is merely a passing fancy. On the contrary, Warcraft is one of the most successful entertainment ventures around. What does this mean for entertainment, online communities, architecture? Right now it seems too soon to tell although its safe to say that MMORPGs will be one of the big stories of the second half of the decade.

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If only a well-deserved August vacation was the reason that posts here were few and far between! Alas, we were unbelievably busy as we prepared for the move from Los Angeles to New York (or more precisely to New Jersey for my residence). But the opportunities for new projects at Columbia and in and around the city are immense, so I am certainly not complaining.

Having loosened itself from its geographic ties once and for all, One Wilshire is coming too.

one wilshire in crate

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